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The Product
The Rackitfile™ product is made of a durable steel construction and has 22 rungs for hanging a full set of alphabetical files in either standard or legal size. The Rackitfile mounts easily to most surfaces and comes with wood/particle board screws, the best drywall anchors on the market and a mounting template with instructions. A mounted Rackitfile protrudes 6 inches from the wall and fully loaded is 21 inches from top to bottom (the unit itself is 12 ¾” tall). If you are concerned about weight, the straight pullout weight rating for the whole unit mounted with our drywall anchors is 90 lbs with a shear of 140 lbs. In other words you would run out of space before you could put too much weight in a Rackitfile. A Rackitfile™ is designed to utilize vertical space almost doubling the overall horizontal filing space which means you almost have 12 inches of filing space. Even if you do need more room, the Walfile System is expandable by just adding more Rackitfile™ units.

We accept VISA or check.
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Prices (taxes included)
* Postage surcharge may apply depending on your location.
Order Qty Price/unit
1 each

$17.98 + $7 Postage* = Total: $24.98 CDN

3 pack $16.98 x 3ea + $7 Postage* = Total: $57.94 CDN
5 pack $15.98 x 5ea + $7 Postage* = Total: $86.90 CDN
15 unit case $15.27 x 15ea Free Shipping* = Total: $209.05 CDN
Return Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with your Rackitfile™ just return it for a full refund * within 30 days of purchase.
Delivery Time is 4 - 7 days by mail

There are two ways to purchase Rackitfile™:

By phone: Call us at 604 255 2007 to place your order with your VISA credit card.

By mail or by fax: Click here to download and print out this .pdf form. Please fill it in and mail it back with check or your VISA credit card information. Or you can print it out, fill it in and fax it back to our fax number - 1 778 786 1175.

Purchasing in greater quantities
Please contact us here about become a distributor or purchasing larger quantities of Rackitfile™.
"I just recently installed a Rackitfile for my wife. She is always buying gadgets for organizing her office. This one is by far the best.
I was going to grab my level to install it when I noticed the template included with the Rackitfile. You just tape it to the wall and mark the holes...it was a synch."
Gord Kelleway, Ladner, BC

Reno your filing system.
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Rackitfile for Cubicles
In addition, we have developed a system for easy attachment of baskets and filing systems
in cubicles.



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