get Rid of Your Filing Cabinet

Renovating a filing system can be a messy business but don’t lose heart because we are here to help you through the process. A little bit of time and effort now can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. The Rackitfile™ theory is to file immediately and stay more organized to have free time to do activities you really enjoy. So let’s dig in.

Save Space
First, you have to assess your filing needs. The trend towards paperless filing is a good idea, making better use of your computer for file storage, but there will still be some left over filing for hard copy storage. The aim here is to get rid of your filing cabinet and replace it with more efficient Rackitfiles.

Look at your filing system now and decide what filing categories can be received and stored electronically. Check with the different companies who send your bills in the mail because there is a good chance, if you ask, that they can send them via email and save a few trees.

When you learn how to use your computer system to store e-bills you will be surprised how efficiently documents can be retrieved. Now consolidate all your e-bills into one computor file. After you do a backup to disc it can be stored and filed in a more general Rackitfile category like for example “home expenses.” In the home expenses file put all your home operating cost like natural gas, telephone, electric, cable, ect. This file stores hard copies of agreements; special notices etc. along with your computer back up disc containing your e-bills associated with your home.

So now let us look at how you want to organize your Rackitfiles. You can file by date, alphabet, name, or number. The easiest way to keep the number of files down is to file by date (month). In a Rackitfile™ there is enough space for 12 months and 6 months of overlap with some some additional space left over for ‘named’ files. Whatever way you decide to organize your files you must be consistent with the system you use.

Consistency is also important within the system you use. If you are filing alphabetically it is a good idea to not file by prepositions like “a” or “the” but rather use the first descriptive word like “Great” in The Great Little Box Company. Don’t leave room for confusion by sometimes omitted words like in this example. For a small company or home filing system you may also find filing by date (month) with some additional 'by name' files the easiest way for income tax software entry. Remember to file the latest date behind items already in a file or if you wish to do it the other way around remember to be consistent.

Hopefully with e-bill consolidation we have reduced the size of your file storage needs enough to fit in one Rackitfile™. This may turn what has been an unmanageable and messy business into a very achievable organized filing system. Don’t forget you can still use your old filing cabinet for long term storage in the garage but for active daily, weekly and monthly filing, Rackitfile™ has plenty of space. A Rackitfile™ is designed to utilize vertical space almost doubling the overall horizontal filing space. In fact, even if you do need more room, Rackitfile space (the Walfile System) is expandable by just adding more Rackitfile units.

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"I just recently installed a Rackitfile for my wife. She is always buying gadgets for organizing her office. This one is by far the best.
I was going to grab my level to install it when I noticed the template included with the Rackitfile. You just tape it to the wall and mark the was a synch."
Gord Kelleway, Ladner, BC

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Rackitfile for Cubicles
In addition, we have developed a system for easy attachment of baskets and filing systems
in cubicles.

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